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Take over Repayments and Save!

October 30, 2013 by admin

Looking to Save on Car Finance Costs? Take over Repayments and Save!

Purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle can be a tough endeavour. While it is important to drive a vehicle that is safe and roadworthy, it is sometimes just not affordable to get the car that you want. If you are looking into your options when it comes to purchasing a second hand vehicle then perhaps you would be interested in saving on the costs involved in car finance? How can you do this? If you take over car payments from another person, you can have the car that you really want and not have to deal with the full amount of the finance. How does this work? Auto Refin will help you!

Taking over the payments from another vehicle owner means that you will need to simply apply for a loan to cover the remaining amount of their finance agreement. This means that instead of the full cost of the vehicle being owed by you, you will only be liable for the remaining outstanding payments. This will result in lower monthly premiums and more cash flow available for you to use each month. When purchasing a vehicle it is important to ensure that taking on the added expense will not cause a problem with your existing monthly cash flow. Budget and plan wisely before deciding on how much you are realistically able to spend.

At Auto Refin we can provide you with the finance to take over the financial contract of another person. You will need to chat to one of our consultants and ensure that you have everything ready for us when you make the application.

To apply for finance you will need to complete our online application form and provide us with following:

  • A copy of your identity document. Please make sure this is your green bar-coded ID book.
  • A copy of your driver’s license. Please ensure that this is valid.
  • 3 months bank statements and your latest payslip.
  • Proof of address. You can use a utilities bill for this.
  • A letter from your insurance company stating or proposing cover.


Before making your application for finance you should spend some time shopping around to find the vehicle that would be the best option for you. Our duty at Auto Refin is to simplify the process involved for both the seller and the buyer. We can even assist you with registering your vehicle and gaining access to good insurance packages.

If you take over the payments from someone else you will need to keep in mind that the vehicle is pre-owned, which means that there are a few things you will need to look out for. Remember to ask about the service history of the vehicle which can be confirmed in the service log book. Also check to see what the mileage is and ask whether it has been involved in an accident before or not. This is quite important as an accident can have a damaging effect on a car that you simply cannot see by just looking at it from the outside.

When we assist you with the purchase and financing of your new car we will ensure that the vehicle is in good order and that you are making a sound investment. We will fully advise you on the financial implications of the contract you are taking over and will ensure that you are presented with competitive rates to consider with the lowest possible interest rates attached. We understand that you will be excited and dreaming of driving away in your new car and will ensure that all the paper work and admin is professionally handled and that you are advised on what is needed from you at all times.

If you take the time to look into the various that form part of our core business, you will find that we can also assist you with refinancing, bike finance, caravan finance, boat finance and even trailer finance. Simply let us know what your needs and requirements are and we will advise you on how to go forward.  When it comes to reducing the costs of car finance, the option to take over car payments is a great way to start. Apply via our website or chat to a consultant at Auto Refin today.