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Cash Out Car Finance

Have you ever thought about the equity of the car that you have? Autorefin Vehicle and Asset Finance (AVF) will assist you to cash out the equity of the vehicle. If your vehicle is worth more than what you actually owe, then you are eligible for vehicle refinance which will enable you to earn cash. In case you are buying any new vehicle or used one below the market value, then you could use the option of financing the vehicle at the market value.

Autorefin (AVF) offer a wide range of loan options which terms that range from 36 to 72 months and there be no penalty in case you pay off the loan earlier. Most people are not aware of the options that they when purchasing an old or new vehicle. Autorefin (AVF) always advise people that they should go for detailed and thorough investigations regarding what the market has to offer. So, how many of you have realized that the car you have financed has a greater market value than what you actually owe against it? Autorefin (AVF) are sure there would be many of them among you as generally many of us don’t know about this option.

Similarly, many of you might be tangled by financial issues and would be finding it difficult to cope with the repayments. Well, whatever the reason may be, Autorefin (AVF) have a solution for you. Now, for those who are eligible for refinance or want to go for it to ease some of their burden, we have some prolific refinancing options for you. This offer will basically enable you to restructure the debt payments that you are paying for your vehicle financing. The current interest rate might be too high or too hot to handle. Lowering the interest rate by arranging applying for refinance will enable you to save money by paying lower monthly instalments. It will ease off the burden from your monthly cash flow which you can use to deal with your other necessary expenses.

One can also utilize our restructuring or refinancing option to cut down on the payment period while it will have no impact on the instalments that you make. This restructuring plan will enable you to do away the burden more quickly while you do not have to pay extra instalments. Another great option that Autorefin (AVF) can make available is the extension of the period for which you will be making the re-payments. This will lower down the monthly instalments that you pay and will also leave some extra cash available to you.

1.) Clear and Healthy credit record (No defaults or judgments)
2.) Valid South African Driver’s License Card
3.) Valid bar-coded South African Identity Document or Identity Card
4.) No vehicles under 2004 year models.
5.) No code 3, stolen recovered or accident damaged vehicles.
6.) Only vehicles registered in S.A
7.) Minimum monthly income R 8 500.00