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Leather Care

Autorefin is proud to be in partnership with Leather Pro
LeatherPro is a fast and effective way to refurbish any and all leather that you might have. Whether it is in the car or in your home, you can have a completely new look and feel to it in no time. At LeatherPro we have spent the last few years perfecting our skills and finding the best possible solutions to just about any Leather Problems you might have.
You may have had the hole ripped through the material by your kids when they are playing on the couch, or perhaps you inherited an old leather couch from your folks and the leather is all cracked and faded. No matter how bad the job is LeatherPro can take care of it, leaving your leather looking like new.
Leather can be patched and recovered with a filler that chemically bonds the leather back together again leaving it looking like new. If the colour has faded then the leather can be re-dyed to match the original colour and in some cases you may even be able to change the colour altogether.