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The Auto Refin process that assists private buyers in purchasing vehicles from private sellers has been designed to ease the process and make buying a private car as painless as possible. Here is a summary of the process:

  1. The buyer and seller both have to agree on a purchase price for the
  2. The buyer applies for finance using our online finance application form
  3. Once the buyer has been approved, the seller has to present the vehicle to any of the approved technical centers for a 101-point check and full roadworthy test
  4. These tests cost only R450 and can be conducted at any of the 53 AA test centers in South Africa
  5. Once these requirements have been met, we will make contact with the buyer to arrange for the signing of the contract, after which delivery of the vehicle can take place
  6. We also handle the registration of the vehicle

We have professional and trained FAIS-accredited business managers permanently on hand to advise the private buyer on the available finance options and the value-added products that are offered. What is more; we already have the highest approval rate in the industry, so you get genuine peace of mind having your private sale brokered through a team of experts.

Of course, there is little new about private car finance, but we do pride ourselves on having revolutionized the concept in the local market because we approach the process from a sales perspective. In the end, we just want to make sure that you get the vehicle of your dreams and that the process is concluded speedily. As part of our service, we also offer:

  1. Quick approvals
  2. Deal-structuring
  3. Quick pay-outs to sellers