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Financial Calculators

If you are looking at the option of purchasing a new vehicle or even refinancing your current vehicle then you should take the time to investigate how this will affect your budget. In case you are purchasing a new vehicle, you could be upgrading to a better vehicle or could even look at trading yours in to bring the instalments down. Alternatively, if you are refinancing the vehicle you already have then you can expect for your repayments instalments to be slightly reduced, freeing up your cash flow. You can work out exactly what to expect by making use of a car finance calculator. These are available on most financial services provider’s websites as well as car sales companies’ websites.
A good system will enable you to calculate what your monthly instalment will be, what your interest rate will be set at and how much you can save in the long run. You will be required to provide a few details in order for a system of this kind to work as follows:

The capacity in which you are purchasing the vehicle. You can purchase a vehicle as an individual, business or on a car allowance.

  • The price of the vehicle will need to be supplied.
  • The deposit amount you are required or willing to pay over should also be available.
  • If you are trading your vehicle in, you should provide the total that it is worth as a trade-in as well.
  • If you are aware of the total loan amount you are requesting for the purchase of a new vehicle, then this can often be requested as well.

The anticipated interest rate and the residual amount or percentage will also be required from you.
Next you will need to advise if you wish to repay the loan over 12, 24, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60 or 72 months. Keep in mind that the total amount paid back will vary according to how long you plan to take to pay it back. Make sure that you are receiving a good interest rate from your financial provider. Once you have submitted these details you should have the monthly instalment amount suggested to you.

If you would like to ensure that you are making a sound financial decision in purchasing a new vehicle or having your current vehicle loan refinanced then take the time to work out your budget and make use of the various car finance calculator systems available. This will help you to ascertain if you are making a decision that will benefit you financially, not just immediately, but in the long run too.

If you are looking for ways in which to prepare yourself for the various financial outcomes from decisions you are going to take, then make sure that you use a car finance calculator when considering a new vehicle. If you aren’t sure of the process involved, chat to one of the various professionals in the field and find out how you can save on your monthly instalments without delay.