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Choosing the Motor Financing Option that’s Right for You

December 9, 2013 by admin

In the economic climate of this day and age, everyone has had to learn to budget. With prices going up and salaries remaining the same, the days of buying whatever your heart desires may seem like a million miles away. If you need to buy a new car, chances are that you have been shopping around with the various financial services providers in order to compare packages and interest rates. It is vitally important that you pay close attention to what each provider is offering you, because choosing the motor financing option is essential if you value affordability over the long term.

Buying a new car should be an exciting time, but too often we find ourselves caught up in the stress of the financial aspects of the process. Motor financing is not something that should be decided on the spur of the moment, but rather you should take the time to work out your budget and how much you can afford before you even start shopping for a vehicle.

At Auto Refin our focus is on providing our clients with a complete motor financing solution. We offer a variety of vehicle financing options designed to meet with a variety of needs, as we know that each individual will have different requirements. Below are some options that might be just what you need:

  • Finance for new cars – we will guide you through the finance application process and ensure that you end up with the best possible interest rate available. All paper work will be handled by our competent team, including licensing and registration of the new vehicle. We keep all copies of your application on file for safe keeping and you can contact us at any stage should you lose a required document or need backup copies provided.
  • Finance for used cars – there are many factors that come into play when you choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle and these factors are important to your financial provider as well. First and foremost, the service history of the vehicle needs to be verified. If it has been involved in any accidents it needs to be declared and the total mileage of the vehicle needs to be recorded. We will ensure that you are made aware of absolutely every detail that is required on the vehicle and will ensure that the paper work and application is handled professionally for you.
  • Private to private car finance – buying a vehicle from a private seller can often save you a great deal as there is no commission attached and the price asked is generally more realistic. Now you don’t have to miss out on a good deal and affordable car as we can assist you to obtain finance for a private purchase from a private seller. We will advise you on all the checks that need to be done and will ensure that all the application paper work is handled for you.
  • Finance for residual amounts – purchasing a vehicle with a residual payment at the end of your loan contract is a great way to keep your monthly repayments down. If you would like to ensure that you have low monthly instalments on your loan then we can assist with obtaining finance for your residual amount. We will handle all the application paper work and ensure that at the end of your contract, you are provided with the assistance that you require.
  • Refinancing – this is a great way to free up some of your monthly cash flow. When the existing vehicle finance contract is refinanced, the amount is then paid off over a slightly longer period of time, which brings down the expected monthly payment amounts. This is ideal for those who find that they are struggling to afford their payment each month.

At Auto Refin motor financing is our focus. We are dedicated to presenting our clients with the best possible rates, with their best interests in mind. When applying for finance with us remember that we will require a valid copy of your identity document, 3 months bank statements, proof of residential address, letter of confirmation from your insurance company, your most recent payslip, and a valid copy of your South African driver’s licence.

Let Auto Refin make your car financing endeavours simple for you!